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HWC Coffee x Daan│ Taichung Bubble Milk Festival Champion-Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte It turns out that the pearl mix latte is so charming. Fine coffee / roasted beans champion / fine tea series. MRT Science and Technology Building Station-Xiao Mi ma. Have fun

Published date : 2020-11-01

Only a cup of coffee a day can turn on the switch for a whole day. This is already a daily life for many people. Recently, the chain coffee shop that I never forget is Heiwo Coffee.

Heiwo Coffee, which originated in Taichung, was founded by cup testers, bean seekers, and bean roasters. In addition to looking for beans around the world every year, there are also coffee farms abroad.

Currently there are branches in North, Central and South. The HWC Heiwo Coffee-Daan that I visited today has just opened, and the pure white decoration is particularly eye-catching on the annoying streets.

The store is in a simple and non-printed style. There are three double round table seats for people to deal with business or have a coffee to rest.

On the other side is the semi-open work counter. There are also 4 independent seats in the bar, where you can directly see the coffee making and brewing scene.

There are croissants, breads, and cakes available in the refrigerator. A cup of coffee + a piece of cake is a great afternoon tea

Heiwo Coffee not only sells coffee drinks, but the coffee beans used in the store are also packaged in gift boxes. It is suitable for both gifts and personal use.

In addition, there is also a single pack of filter coffee to choose from. If you have any questions about coffee, you can ask the clerk. They are all professional and kind.

Heiwo Coffee sells not only coffee, but also specialty coffee, specialty tea, milk tea, milk caps, hand-cranked tea... and other items. There are many types but not too complicated.

When you come here, be sure to try their Black/Wo series of Taiwanese Baked Bean Champion Series, which is divided into two types, deep roasting and shallow roasting, from picking and weighing beans, grinding beans, and brewing.

After you have ground the beans, you can also taste the original coffee aroma first, and then you can taste the secrets of the coffee more thoroughly.

In fact, watching the staff make coffee is really a healing thing, especially the aroma of coffee that makes you feel tired~

Roasted Bean Champion Black Series-Power Drum

Weiligu is a deep-roasted coffee. The Barista recommends that this one is hotter to taste his coffee flavor, and you can smell the strong aroma after brewing.

You can drink the aroma of a layer of dark chocolate in the first bite. The bitterness at the beginning is strong, and after entering the throat, it will return to the faint nutty aroma, which is a very human flavor.

Every bite can feel the shock of the power drum, and the remaining bitter and sweet taste will be deeply in your impression

Next, of course, I have to try the light roasted Wo series coffee. The iced coffee is brewed directly into the brewing pot with ice cubes.

Let the coffee aroma blend with the ice cubes at one time, so that it won’t be iced or too weak to affect the taste.

Coffee Roasting Championship Wow Series-Holy Song

Holy song belongs to light roasted beans. It is based on the aroma of flowers and fruits, honey, brown sugar, and yellow lemon. It tastes very smooth and completely subverts our impression that coffee is bitter.

What’s even more amazing is that there is an illusion of drinking Darjeeling black tea, with a little fruity scent and a mellow tea scent. This one really blends wonderfully.

Of course, drinking coffee must be paired with a piece of cake. It’s a wonderful afternoon with my friends

Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte

Those who like bubble milk can't miss the black sugar black jade latte recently made by Heiwo Coffee. This cup won the championship at the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival.

The cup is first wrapped in a layer of fragrant brown sugar, and then the latte is blended into it to form such a smudged color. Does it look like an ink painting? !

It turns out that brown sugar and latte are quite good, you can taste the bitterness of coffee behind the sweetness, which is more attractive and not greasy than ordinary milk.

In addition, the chewy pearls are also a bonus to this drink. The simple brown sugar and black jade latte has more layers, and I drank it out after a while.

Fine Latte

The latte is also delicious, and the takeaway cup with Heiwo is more textured, and you can take a group of street shots when you hold it in your hand~haha

If you are a coffee master, you must take a look at Heiwo Coffee’s champion series of hand brewed coffee, they all taste different flavors, even a layman like me.

The environment of Daan Heping Store is also very spacious. Have a cup of coffee and listen to the clerk sharing the charming world of coffee beans. You can also enjoy the leisurely afternoon.

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/028.gifHWC Coffee -大安和平

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/028.gifNo. 46-4, Section 3, Heping East Road, Da'an District, Taipei City​​​​​​​

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/028.gifWeekdays 08:00-18:00 Weekend 09:30-18:00

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/028.gifHWC Coffee website:http://www.hwcroasters.com/

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/028.gifHWC Coffee Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/hwcroasters/

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/028.gifHWC Coffee IG:https://www.instagram.com/hwc_roasters/

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/028.gifHWC Coffee Line:https://line.me/ti/p/@hwcroasters

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