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[Taichung Fengyuan] HWC Black Wo Coffee│Taichung Bubble Milk Festival Champion-Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte! Recommendations for affordable, high-quality coffee, light meals, and desserts — J. S greedy monkey fantasy

Published date : 2020-11-03

HWC Heiwo Coffee, recommended by Taichung Cafe. Our own brand Heiwo Coffee, which specializes in cheap specialty coffee, is quietly in the Fengyuan Exhibition Store. In addition to Italian coffee and hand brewed coffee, there are also a variety of teas, milk teas, desserts, light meals and more. Among them, "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" won the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival Champion. It is a special coffee drink with a very attractive visual taste. I highly recommend everyone to try it.

Heiwo Coffee Fengyuan Xiangyang Store

Address: 1st Floor, No. 60, Xiangyang Road, Fengyuan District, Taichung City
Phone: 04-2522-0619
Time: 08:00~19:00 on weekdays;
Saturday 09:00~20:00
Facebook: please click here


HWC Coffee-Fengyuan StoreIt is located next to the railway viaduct on Xiangyang Road, Fengyuan. It only takes about 5 minutes to walk from the side entrance of the railway station. When you look carefully from a distance, you will find a small signboard. It feels quite low-key.

The store is located on the side of the road and missed it without paying attention. You can find a parking near the train station and then walk over.

Simple and clean coffee shop, mainly in white and wood tones

There are about 20 seats in the store. The space is very comfortable and bright. It is an unlimited time cafe where you can bring books and laptops to rest.

There are also many branches of Heiwo Coffee in downtown Taichung, and now Fengyuan also has a drink that is really convenient

The seating area on the other side also feels quite comfortable

On the shelf, there are many self-branded coffee beans for sale, as well as specialty coffee gift boxes, which are made with texture and sincere as gifts.

There are many high-quality coffee beans, the items are based on the scene of the day

The floor-to-ceiling window design allows you to sit here and drink coffee quietly while enjoying the street view outside the window. It’s so relaxing

A view of the working bar in the store

There is water at the bar and you can pick it up

Daily limited offer of light bread and desserts, the items are not necessarily, and they are mainly based on the scene of the day

Heiwo Coffee is home-made roasted coffee, including Italian, single product, etc. The cheapest item starts at 60 yuan

There are also tea and milk tea series to choose from

Drinks have calorie labels

After having brunch nearby, I just dropped in here for a cup of coffee and afternoon tea, a very leisurely holiday

# Cruz Boutique Latte/H $110

The coffee items here are quite cheap, and the quality of the coffee beans selected are also very good. This cup of latte is darker roasted and has a strong flavor. The overall taste of the milk is very thick and smooth, and it is good to drink.

#Japanese Light Cheese $75

I like deep roasted coffee with light cheesecake to balance out the taste in the mouth. The texture is light and fluffy, with a touch of cheese flavor.

The light cheese tastes very cottony, it melts in the mouth, and you can enjoy it with a sip of coffee

#Cinnamon rolls $65​​​​​​​

The cinnamon rolls will be heated again in the oven. Be careful when they are hot when they are just out of the oven. The cinnamon aroma that comes out is very charming.

The taste is soft and very fragrant. I had a piece of QQ mochi in the middle, which is really good. I recommend this to everyone.

The single-origin coffee series are home-baked beans, and the half-pound package is marked with the origin and flavor

I chose a medium-roasted bean. The coffee bean has a beautiful color and lustre. Try to smell it with a slight aroma of wine barrels.

After being ground into coffee powder, the flavor is more pronounced and stronger than before

Watching the barista making coffee quietly is also a kind of enjoyment

#Single product-Kaduai Soul Sun $160


Like to drink single products, with time and temperature changes, taste different layers of flavor

Although this flavor introduction contains a lot of tropical fruits, it tastes slightly berry and not too sour, and it is highly accepted by the general public.

#Belgium Raw Chocolate $90

Very rich dessert, soft chocolate cake body with chocolate filling in the middle

The overall taste is moist and soft, but the thick chocolate makes people love it. Paired with the single-origin coffee just now balances the sweet and greasy feeling

#Mexican Cheese Beef Roll $60

The performance of Heiwo Coffee’s saltiness is also very good. The cheese-flavored bread is filled with onions and beef and other fillings. Especially when it comes out of the oven, the taste is more charming, and it is best to eat while it is hot.

#MATCHABULE Thick Milk (I) $95

Use rich matcha as the base, and add a layer of freshly beaten milk cap on top. It is recommended to stir and drink to taste better

After the milk cover is stirred, it can still show a gradual effect, like a small Fuji mountain, really healing

Matcha has its own tea fragrance. The more dense milk cover greatly reduces the bitterness of matcha. The cups chosen by the store are very textured. It’s really enjoyable to come here for afternoon tea.

The clerk in Fengyuan store is full of easy going, giving people a kind of cordial feeling

#Brown sugar black jade Latte $85

Before leaving, I took a cup of Hei Wo Coffee, a special drink that won the championship at the Taichung Zhen Milk Festival. It is very visually attractive. The coffee latte is paired with brown sugar pearls, and there is a milk lid on the top. It is a layered and mellow latte. The coffee has a charming brown sugar aroma, and the brown sugar pearl Q is chewy to add to the taste. I personally like it very much. Simply share it with you.

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Heiwo Coffee Fengyuan Xiangyang Store

Address: 1st Floor, No. 60, Xiangyang Road, Fengyuan District, Taichung City

Phone: 04-2522-0619

Time: 08:00~19:00 on weekdays;

Saturday 09:00~20:00

Facebook: please click here

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