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[Taichung Southern District Food] Heiwo Coffee Gaogong Store|Slow hands! Heiwo co-branded Haagen-Dazs

Published date : 2020-11-07

Generally speaking, Heiwo coffee is more than "coffee that flew on the presidential plane", "Annual Bubble Milk Tea Representative of Taichung Milk Festival" and so on. However, in fact, Heiwo also puts a lot of emphasis on creativity. In October this year, Häagen-Dazs and Haagen-Dazs launched the Affogato, a blend of ice and fire, which allows specialty coffee and the LV of ice cream to compose the sweet taste!

HWC Coffee(Taichung High Tech Store)

Address: No. 371, Gaogong Road, South District, Taichung City
Phone: 04-22605882
Business hours: 11:00-21:00
Delivery service: Uber Eats, Foodpanda

❏ HWC x Häagen-Dazs Co-Branded name:Afgadot
– Sales period: 2020.10.22 (Thursday) to 2020.11.30 (Monday)
– Limited items: French caramel black jade afgadol, French raw cocoa black jade afgadol
– Price: $180
-Limited stores
Taipei Vixiu|https://reurl.cc/d5p9p8
Zhubei, Hsinchu|https://reurl.cc/q8poag
Taichung Senior Engineer|https://reurl.cc/avXRE4
Taiwan High School Scholars|https://reurl.cc/v1EoGL

Heiwo Coffee (Taichung Gaogong Branch) Transportation

Heiwo Coffee, which started in 2016, started to flourish in Taichung. At present, there are 44 stores in Taipei, Central and South (check all stores in Taiwan). It is very convenient to have a good cup of coffee at any time.

Heiwo Coffee Taichung High-tech Store is close to Chung Hsing University, Taichung High-tech and Qiaotai High School. On the side of Meicun South Road is full of delicious food. You might as well come here after a good meal and wait for a while, drinking coffee and chatting about right and wrong.

Take the Taichung City bus and get off at the stop sign of Qiaotai Middle School (Gaogong Road), and you will be there in less than a minute on foot!

Heiwo Coffee Taichung High-tech Store is long and narrow, and I really like the warm vision that catches the eye.

A dazzling array of Coffee Gift Box and coffee beans are displayed on the shelves of the store. The most eye-catching thing at first glance is the colorful "Macaron hanging ear bags".

The flavor of each coffee bean is different, and the card clearly shows its production area, flavor, processing method and roasting degree, which is convenient for guests to choose.

In the back is the home of the "exquisite coffee beans", with a selection of single products, specials, and manors.

In addition to the bar area outside, there is more spacious interior space when you go inside.

If you are not in a hurry, it seems like a good place to spend the afternoon.

Black-Power Drum (1/2 pound $1000) / Wo-Holy Song (1/2 pound $1000)
"Black" and "Wo" belong to the Hei·Wo champion series, and are named directly after the brand name. The representativeness can be seen.

New friends who are new to Heiwo, might as well start with these two beans. Let the barista take you through the process of observing, smelling, and tasting, and gradually experience the charm of "coffee".

▲ The advantage of sitting in front of the bar is that you can appreciate the meticulous and elegant hand brewing process of the barista.

Black-Power Drum is a medium-deep roasted flavor, with both mellow and bitter flavors and aging. Its aroma of dark chocolate and nuts is very popular among diners.

The Wo-sacred song from Kenya and Ethiopia has a translucent fragrance of flowers and fruits, and it also exudes a sense of "tea". In comparison, I prefer the taste of this one.


HWC x Häagen-Dazs Co-Branded new product:Afgadot

French Caramel Black Jade Affogato ($180)
Affogato Affogato is a classic delicacy commonly found in Italian cafes. It is both a drink and a dessert. The biggest feature is that you can eat the double taste of ice cream and hot coffee at the same time.

This time, Heiwo Coffee and Haagen-Dazs will jointly launch new products for a limited period of time at four stores in Taipei, Hsinchu Zhubei, Taichung High-tech, and Taiwanese Scholars. Only until 2020.11.30, you can control the sweets you want. You have to hurry up!

The French Caramel Black Jade Afgadol uses caramel ice cream as the base, with Heiwo's selected espresso and Q bomb pearls. The taste is silky and delicate, and the whole cup is eaten up without knowing it.

The beans used for espresso are No. 9 roasters’ classic, with a strong chocolate and nutty flavor.

The freshly brewed espresso topped with caramel ice cream has a finishing touch, which is a bonus!

The so-called "black jade" refers to pearls. Just brew with hot water for 7 seconds, the pearl of tender Q is done.

Pair it with handmade brown sugar sauce to elevate the flavor to another level.

French caramel black jade afgadol is especially suitable for those who like the aroma of full-bodied coffee.

The caramel ice cream is smooth and smooth, and it is topped with chocolate-like espresso. Not only can you feel the rich layers of overlapping ice and fire, but also the slightly bitter and sweet taste with a unique aroma, making the overall taste deeper.

French raw cocoa black jade Afgadot ($180)
Another Co-Braned combination is French raw cocoa black jade Afugato, but because the ice cream itself has a strong chocolate flavor, it is not so amazing when paired with espresso, which also has a chocolate flavor.

In traditional Afgadol, espresso is poured on ice cream.

Unexpectedly, Heiwo's skillful use of creativity has moved his mind to the "black jade", which makes the classic Italian desserts taste very interesting.

Specialty coffee play new stalks! Heiwo Coffee has joined hands with Haagen-Dazs to launch a limited edition Afgadol during the period and in the store, allowing consumers to experience the fun of "mouth and hands". The bittersweet and refreshing taste, even those who don't like sweets can't help but want to try it!

HWC Coffee(Taichung High Tech Store)

Address: No. 371, Gaogong Road, South District, Taichung City
Phone: 04-22605882
Business hours: 11:00-21:00
Delivery service: Uber Eats, Foodpanda
Heiwo Coffee official website: http://www.hwcroasters.com/
Heiwo Coffee FB: https://www.facebook.com/hwcroasters/
Heiwo Coffee IG: https://www.instagram.com/hwc_roasters/

Article source​​​​​​​https://100tastes.tw/blog/post/hwc2020

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