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HWC Coffee — Champion of Taichung Milk Festival, afternoon tea in Zhongyou Department Store, all kinds of specialty coffees are ground and brewed, and you can charge it without time limit and low consumption. Will it be too Buddha! — Gourmet iron powder Jingxianger

Published date : 2020-12-30

「HWC Coffee」is certainly no stranger to Taichung people, not only because it has many branches, but also because it has won the Taichung Milk Festival

Recently, HWC coffee entered Zhongyou Department Store, lauching a series of promotions and APP exclusive gifts

In addition to hand brewing coffee, the store also launched an AI coffee machine, which allows consumers to operate and use by themselves

For those who are used to making coffee at home,there also many kinds of coffee beans or filter coffee for purchase

I'm tired from walking in the three major halls of Zhongyou and i want to find a cafe to sit quietly and drink coffee or chat with my sisters. I recommend you to come here.

Not only is the environment comfortable, but it is also super convenient for charging without a time limit, no low consumption and plug-in seat!

HWC Coffee is located on the 5th floor of Zhongyou C Building. There are mainly women's clothing and accessories. Go to the innermost and you will see the seats

The open seating area will not be crowded or pressured by the clerk, you can chat with friends casually

The seats on the outside are brighter, and there is also a dining space in the store. There is more atmosphere here, and it is more suitable for one person to relax.

Most of the seats are equipped with plug-in seats, so you can rest while charging.

In addition to enjoying coffee in the store, HWC Coffee also sells a lot of coffee beans or filter coffee

Here you can find many high-quality coffees, even special-quality beans from bidding batches

HWC Coffee was co-founded by an award-winning cup tester, a bean seeker and five roasters

They professionally help you select coffees that match the quality and price, so you can enjoy it with confidence!

Attach the menu first. In addition to selling a variety of coffee, HWC Coffee also has tea!

Of course, snacks or light meals are indispensable for afternoon tea, but the store’s main drinks are, so the variety of meals is not so rich.

At present, Zhongyou store has just opened, so the store has launched quite a lot of activities!

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif Join HWC Coffee's App and get a cup of coffee immediately, you can also get coffee by recommending friends around you.

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif You can get a piece of Meiji chocolate as long as you buy coffee or check in on FB/IG, and you can get two pieces at one time.

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif Free a cup of black coffee or +$10 to upgrade to a latte with spending over $599

Do you have a lot of discounts, you can get free coffee when you grasp it~

These are some of the high-quality beans provided by the store that day, because the beans are batch by batch, so the flavor is slightly different each time.

There will be an introduction of coffee beans on the packaging bag. It is recommended to check before you choose. It will be clear if it suits your appetite.

On that day, there was also a special prize of a batch of beans, this coffee bean is from Alishan, Taiwan.

Because it is a bidding bean, it is only available at HWC Coffee. Friends who are very particular about coffee must come.

On the day we chose two types of beans, one was brewed by hand and the other was brewed through the AI ​​coffee machine

Heiwo Coffee’s Zhongyou store has a small bar, and there may be a hand-made coffee show during holidays.

The waiter is here to make coffee on the same day, every action is very particular, including the amount of water, the water temperature is not the slightest difference

When the waiter was making coffee, Shizuka took the opportunity to ask some knowledge about hand-made coffee, and he also shared it with me enthusiastically.

Peru-Voice of the King Geisha $200 (Medium and shallow baking. Hand punch)

The acid value of this coffee is just right, and you can taste a little fruit acid flavor in the mouth

The end rhyme is not heavy but it can taste pure sweetness. The sour fruity flavor slowly drifts from the root of the tongue. I like the flavor of this coffee.

If you like coffee's sexual adjustments and moderately sour friends, this cup is perfect for you, and it is a flavor that the public will like

The AI ​​coffee machine is specially launched by Heiwo so that friends who like coffee can make a cup of coffee of the same level as hand-made without taking time.

The store specially allows customers to use their mobile phones to control the AI ​​coffee machine to make their own coffee

The action is very simple, just pick the coffee beans you like and ask the clerk to grind the beans into powder, and then put them on the filter cup covered with filter paper

Download the "Heiwo Coffee" APP and connect the Bluetooth of the machine, and then click the type of beans you just selected to complete it.

Because each bean is suitable for different amounts of water, water temperature, etc., AI coffee machine provides the most suitable process according to the selected beans

The top of the phone will display all the current steps of the machine, and at the end, the machine will also play a short piece of music to tell the coffee to complete!

Zebra $110 (medium light roasting.AI)

Although zebra and geisha are both medium and shallow roasts, the acidity of the two is not the same

The acidity of the art festival is more obvious at the moment of the entrance, it fades in the middle, but the rhyme gradually becomes clearer at the end

The sourness of zebra is the essential flavor, so the sourness will not come out particularly, but it will end up in the same way.

There is an obvious charcoal roasted aroma in the entrance, and the light fragrance is quite smooth.

Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte $85

This latte is Heiwo’s signature, and there are friends around me who have a cup almost every day

The combination of coffee latte and brown sugar pearl milk is super special

The first entry is a strong coffee latte, accompanied by the sweetness of brown sugar and Q-ball pearls

The pearl is between the big boba and the pearl. It is quite chewy and not sweet. Both my boyfriend and I like this cup

Chocolates $76

This cake is quite thick, although it's not big, it's good for afternoon tea

Chocolate is bittersweet, cocoa has a strong taste, but it doesn’t taste too greasy

The taste is like brownie but slightly moist, it's not bad to enjoy with a cup of coffee

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif Now as long as you download the Heiwo Coffee APP and join in, you can immediately get a cup of coffee and get bonuses

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif If you recommend a friend to download, and they log in to your referral code, you can get a cup of coffee when he gets coffee

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif You can Pre-Buying a cup in the APP, and the coffee inside can be changed without any time limit, and you can also send it to a friend

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif You can also buy a cup-sending card. You need to buy 5 cups of American-style cups at one time, and you can exchange them for other drinks at a premium.

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif Buying a cup mailing card now will give you extra coffee. The quantity you send is random. You can get 8 extra cups at most, which is equal to buying 5 and getting 8 too discount.

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif You can get bonus points when you spend over $300 in the APP, and the points are also given randomly, and the bonuses you get can be used in the APP mall.

https://s.pixfs.net/f.pixnet.net/images/emotions/054.gif There are mini games in the APP, and you can get prizes if you succeed in the challenge. The gifts include American coffee, coffee beans, or filter hanging gift boxes, which are very cost-effective.

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HWC Coffee — Taichung Zhongyou Store

Address: 台中市北區三民路三段161 C5

Phone number : 04-2229-0599

Open Time : 11:00~22:0010:30~22:00








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