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Recommended Taipei Coffee|Hei Wo Coffee, Specialty Coffee, Roasted Bean Champion, Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte Recommendation|HWC Hei Wo — Rong Er loves beautiful

Published date : 2020-10-22

Recently, work requires good physical strength. If you don’t have a cup of coffee in the morning
I really feel very depressed every day, everything is wrong
Sometimes I make my own coffee, but I need to buy it outside in a hurry
Recently I found a newly opened "HWC Heiwo Coffee-Taipei Guting"


imageStore: HWC Coffee-Taipei Guting
Address: No. 91, Section 2, Roosevelt Road, Da'an District, Taipei City
Business hours: [Weekdays] 07:30-20:00 [Holidays] 09:00-19:00
Contact number: 02 2365 8198
FanPage: HWC Heiwo Coffee-Taipei Guting

Is there a seat in this coffee shop?
I think the environment inside makes people feel very comfortable
And it’s quite quiet, and the space is also very suitable for being a photo spot on the Internet
The seat is estimated to accommodate about 15-20 people
So basically there must be a seat during the day


imageEver wondered what are the benefits of drinking coffee?
Drinking coffee is mostly in the hope that it can be refreshing and motivated
But in fact, coffee has other benefits
Like burning fat and preventing liver cirrhosis
I heard that drinking coffee can also increase blood pressure and reduce the rate of mid-air
But drink coffee in moderation, not too much in one day
Otherwise, it will be easy to have heart palpitations or feel uncomfortable

imageWhat's the recommended coffee in this room?
I’ve passed by here a lot recently, after drinking four different cups of coffee
I think I want to share it with everyone, because it’s really special
[Wo Series Black Coffee-Champion Special American Style]
This cup of coffee belongs to light roasted coffee
✵Light-roasted coffee has a light brown, tan appearance
And the roasted beans have less fat
✵The origin of the coffee beans used in this light-roasted coffee
In Ethiopia and Kenya

image✵Heiwo Coffee was established in 2016
Selected by SCA certified cup testers
Baked bean packaging factory that has also passed international certification
Provide selected raw beans and professional baking technology!!!!!

It tastes smoother than ordinary American coffee
This one tastes relatively light scent and a little sour taste
If you drink hot American, I suggest you drink it while it is hot!

image[Champion Special Latte (Hot)]
I think compared with the convenience store latte
The quality of the coffee beans is combined with the milk foam
It's really rich and smooth, and it feels very dense
And milk foam and coffee are more integrated
✵This cup of coffee belongs to deep-roasted coffee
Produced in Guatemala and El Salvador

image✵ Deep roast has a dark brown or even close to black appearance
It presents a chocolate-like flavor, and the oil of coffee can be seen on the outside
The sharp acidity of light roasting will be replaced by the mellowness of deep roasting

If you don’t like to drink sour coffee,
Then you can drink this cup of latte, it won’t taste sour

image【Superior Latte (Ice)】
The coffee beans are produced in Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador and Ethiopia
Iced latte tastes a little different from hot latte
This iced latte tastes less strong in coffee
Suitable for people who want to drink coffee but don't like to drink too strong

Hot latte will have a layer of fresh milk froth on top
But there is a little milk froth on top of this glass of ice
But the milk foam is very dense, so after a little shake
The fresh milk froth will blend with the coffee, and the overall taste will be smoother

[Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte] (Champion of 2019 Taichung Milk Festival)
The top is fresh milk froth, add a little brown sugar
If this cup is compared to a 7-11 latte
I think the taste is more sweet and the coffee is not bitter
But it’s so smooth that you want to take another sip after drinking

I usually like to drink coffee. It is made from coffee beans.
It has a little brown sugar sweetness so it is more fragrant
The pearls inside are chewy
It's really the first time I drank such a special coffee!

This latte series tastes denser
Unlike drinking water, the density inside is higher
So those who like rich milk flavor, can’t miss it here
And there are also champion pearls in it
It's really suitable for afternoon tea to enjoy

Store: HWC Coffee-Taipei Guting
Address: No. 91, Section 2, Roosevelt Road, Da'an District, Taipei City
Business hours: [Weekdays] 07:30-20:00 [Holidays] 09:00-19:00
Contact number: 02 2365 8198
FanPage: HWC Heiwo Coffee-Taipei Guting

Article sourcehttps://prophecy168.pixnet.net/blog/post/328115026

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