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HWC Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Cultural Store|Panqiao Pet Friendly Cafe|Taiwan Roasted Bean Champion Heiwo Coffee|Charcoal Roasted Tieguanyin Coffee Latte|Black Sugar Black Jade Latte — Stancy teacher

Published date : 2020-07-25

I often run to Banqiao recently, and I feel that Banqiao’s living functions on the ground are really good, especially the many types of gourmet restaurants are also quite diverse. The restaurants, cafes, and afternoon teas I have eaten in Banqiao several times have not been thundered. Sure enough, Banqiao is really a food paradise. This Thursday I met my good sisters for afternoon tea at a newly opened cafe in Banqiao. This is the Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Cultural Store. Heiwo Coffee has a lot of branches just because it is Banqiao. There is Heiwo Coffee Fuzhong. If you meet a friend at Heiwo Coffee, remember to ask which branch it is, otherwise it is really easy to make a mistake! My sisters and I like coffee very much. Both single-origin coffee and fancy coffee have their favorite flavors. This time Heiwo Coffee has launched new fancy coffee and special drinks (charcoal roasted iron Guanyin coffee latte, Brown sugar black jade latte) Let’s have a taste and share with you.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Store environment

The location of Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Cultural Store is adjacent to the alley directly opposite Youkukou Sausage, and you can see it by walking straight and turning right. This is a small local market in the morning on weekdays. To be honest, when I first walked in here, I followed the google map. , But no matter how you think about it, you never think that there will be such a comfortable and bright coffee shop in the vegetable market. I didn't expect Heiwo Coffee Shop Cultural Store to be here.

There are quite a few types of self-roasted coffee beans for sale in the store, as well as coffee gift boxes that can be used as gifts for the New Year.

The interior decoration of Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Cultural Store is comfortable and bright. The wood-toned design style and retro rattan chairs feel a kind of retro style. I originally thought that the business of the cafes in the market would be bad, but I didn’t expect it to be. Still many people will book in advance to pick up the goods, and many office workers will come here for a cup of afternoon tea (maybe it is more secret here!)

You can pick up a glass of water in the store.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Menu

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Recommended drinks​​​​​​​

Heiwo coffee coffee series are mainly based on black series, wo series coffee, and No. 9 coffee. In addition, the newly launched fancy special coffee, limited seasonal drinks, and basic black wo ice latte are also the ones I tasted this time. It's okay to have a good sister to accompany me to have a drink together, otherwise I must have exceeded the caffeine level today~ Ha, but it is really happy to be able to taste so many good coffee drinks at once.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Wo Series (Ice)​​​​​​​

The coffee beans of the Wo series are light roasted coffee beans, and they are full of floral and fruity aromas, Darjeeling black tea, brown sugar, sweet potato, orange lemon gardenia.

The wooden tray and clear glass are very texture.

 The baristas of this Heiwo Coffee Bridge Culture Store are jointly run by three young baristas, and the three of them are very professional in the production of each coffee.

The Wo series coffee beans are a kind of honey-sweet flowers and yellow lemon-like aroma of honey, the texture of high-quality Darjeeling black tea and the sweet and sour taste of citrus lemon juice. The fragrance background is rich in the deep brown sugar sweet potato fragrance, like tasting a citrus gardenia flavor concerto, the taste is refreshing and bright. In the hot summer, a cup of such a Wo series iced coffee feels quite refreshing, mostly Everyone thinks that light-roasted coffee beans will taste sour, but people who know how to drink coffee generally think that light-roasted beans can show the flavor better. As for the taste, this is related to the skill of the hand-made barista!

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Black Series (Hot)​​​​​​​

The black coffee beans are deep-roasted with aromas of dark chocolate, cocoa, vanilla and nuts.

It tastes deep and deep, deep and long, with a fascinating bitter and sweet taste like dark chocolate. The nutty aroma of cocoa beans and vanilla beans presents a complex and layered aroma with the end rhyme of roasted nuts, like a low drum The sound is lingering for a long time. It is a kind of black coffee beans that makes people have a sense of memory when they drink it. This is also because it is more suitable to make hot coffee, which makes people feel the happiness of temperature immediately after drinking.

During the hand brewing process of black series and wo series coffee beans, the barista will make iced and hot coffee items according to the need for temperature control. Even the thickness of the coffee beans will vary. , The hand-punching technique is also slightly different, which is why the black coffee tastes completely different.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Heiwo Iced Latte​​​​​​​

Heiwo Coffee Iced Latte: uses medium-deep roasted coffee beans (No. 9 coffee beans), the lower layer uses milk as the base and uses New Zealand fresh milk, the middle is Italian concentrate, and the upper layer uses a homogenizer to send the milk into milk foam , The taste is dense, the taste is thick, meticulous and rich, the milk foam is dense and long lasting, and it tastes smooth. The volcano-shaped cup used in this Heiwo latte makes this latte look like a Mount Fuji covered in snow at first glance. It is not only easy to drink, but also very pleasing, and it is also the most people who come to Heiwo. Star products that the coffee shop will order.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Recommended special drinks​​​​​​​

From left to right, they are: brown sugar black jade latte>charcoal roasted Tieguanyin milk tea>charcoal roasted Tieguanyin coffee latte.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Black Sugar Black Jade Latte (Ice)​​​​​​​

In addition to the internal use of this black sugar black jade, we also have a take-out drink (because it is so special and delicious) in the store, you can ask the clerk to make a glass like me, usually it will be made into a take-out cup. .

This cup of brown sugar and black jade is topped with rich black syrup on the rim of the cup to create beautiful lines that add visual points. Next, fresh milk and Italian concentrate are added. In order to highlight the caramel aroma of brown sugar pearls, it is also specially selected with hazelnuts and chocolate. Fragrant Central and South American boutique blending coffee beans to extract coffee liquid, and then adding Q bomb brown sugar pearls, the addition of coffee neutralizes the original brown sugar and pearl sweet aroma, and the fresh milk perfectly blends into a new rich flavor.

Some friends who are afraid of sweetness can ask the clerk to reduce the sweetness (brown sugar), which is very different from many commercial brown sugar milk shops (most of them will say that the sweetness is fixed and cannot be changed), but the clerk of Heiwo Coffee is quite similar. Respect the subjective tastes of consumers.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Charcoal Baked Tieguanyin Milk Tea (Ice) Limited Time​​​​​​​

The second on the left is the charcoal roasted Tieguanyin milk tea (ice) carefully selected 100% Heiwo tea plantation. It uses a special method of fresh extraction technology and a unique tea brewed with brown sugar to make tea honey. The ratio of tea aroma to milk aroma is just right, and the taste is right. It's not sweet and smooth, and it makes people like it too.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Charcoal roasted Tieguanyin coffee latte (ice) limited time​​​​​​​

The first cup on the far left of the picture above, there is no long cup with a darker pearl color

Strictly selected 100% Heiwo tea garden. It uses special method of fresh extraction technology and unique tea to brew brown sugar to make tea nectar. It is paired with World Coffee Appreciation 91 points roaster No.9, which is a super-layered fancy coffee. , And the stacking of these different levels of flavors can stir up a more ingenious taste, which is really amazing!

The above three fancy special coffee drinks have tea nectar and brown sugar underneath, so remember to stir evenly before drinking so that it will not feel too sweet!

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Light Food​​​​​​​

There are savoury and sweets to choose from, and they are great for brunch or afternoon tea!

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Coffee beans, coffee gift box, filter coffee recommendation
Heiwo coffee beans buy two get one free offer

Heiwo Coffee Boutique Gift Box (free to mix and match)

Playing Card Coffee Kingdom Hanging Ear Bag Gift Box
The coffee fruit is absorbing the essence of the world, the sun and the moon, and produces four types representing the four elements of fire, water, wind, and soil, from the card surface 1 to 10 representing 10% to 100%, and the roasting performance of light to dark roasting, JQK Represents the different coffee processing methods for each element.

Macaron series coffee hanging ear gift box​​​​​​​

Macaron series coffee hanging ear gift box, a box of 20, a comprehensive package of five flavors. (Blue Mountain Flavor, Golden Mandheling, Mamba, Arabica, Mocha)

Heiwo coffee gift box set

For Taiwanese roasted bean champion Jiang Chengzhe, he helped Heiwo Coffee specially tuned the star coffee beans. The first time you come to Heiwo Coffee, you must try these two types. If you want to buy filter coffee as a gift, this group is also the most approachable and highly recommended. Combination!

Dajia Mazu Coffee Gift Box

Based on the concept of "Mazu Safe Charm Hanging Ear Bag", we hired an American Taiwanese artist in Japan, Jamz, to design the packaging, which is represented by five colors #Safe (red), #Health (purple), #Wealth (Orange), #Job Promotion (white) and #Guardian Angel (pink) each has five auspicious meanings. Matched with interesting images of Mazu drinking coffee, it symbolizes the image of drinking and sheltering. Buying it as a gift for the elders who love coffee will definitely give you super bonus points!​​​​​​​

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Taste experience

Heiwo Coffee is a coffee team that makes me feel like I have the temperature, expertise and enthusiasm for coffee beans. This visit to Banqiao Cultural Store not only absorbed more coffee expertise, but it was also quite healing watching the hand-made coffee making process. .

In addition, Banqiao Cultural Store also has a barista who has won a fancy coffee competition. The hot latte he helped me taste not only tastes warm and mellow, but the pattern on the milk foam can be said to be delicate and cute. I really think it is very The good skill of a powerful fancy barista latte is also a good skill for teasing girls, because the beautiful and cute latte totem can really make the girls who get it love.

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Pet Friendly Coffee Shop​​​​​​​

Speaking of Liaomei Rang, I absolutely must tell everyone that Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Cultural Store is a pet-friendly cafe. The manager himself has a very cute cat. This is Inutaro. He knows it most of the time. In the shop! The personality is quite docile and cute. Everyone is good. There are even many regular customers who come to drink coffee specially because they miss him. He is really a competent and good shop cat!

Heiwo Coffee Banqiao Culture Store|Store Information​​​​​​​


Official websitehttps://www.hwcroasters.com/


Store queryhttps://reurl.cc/8llaY7

You can join the line life circle of Heiwo Coffee stores to get the first-hand discount information of each store. In addition, Heiwo Coffee also has permanent discount programs such as cup sending discounts, line collection cards, call order discounts, takeaway discounts, and so on. The discount information of each Heiwo coffee shop is slightly different, mainly based on the discount information of each shop.

Article source​​​​​​​https://reurl.cc/9EM0vV

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