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Heiwo Bulletproof Coffee — Tingbao

Published date : 2020-07-24

Tingbaobao’s previous article introduced the Heiwo coffee series

This time I will also introduce its new products to you again!

Bulletproof coffee~~~~

You can buy it from 7-11 in the province. You need to buy it quickly. Last time Ting Baobao saw that the shelves were out of stock!

Bulletproof coffee tips
Bulletproof coffee is modified from Tibetan butter tea by American Silicon Valley engineer Dave Asprey (Dave Asprey)

He advocated "The Bulletproof Diet" and published it as a book The origin of the name of Bulletproof Coffee

It’s because Dave Yaspree thinks that after drinking it, his body is like wearing a bulletproof vest.

Tingbao feels the same after drinking it!!!!

A bottle is only 45 yuan, so you don’t need to spend your time to make and soak

It saves time, Time is money, Tom is Marley!!!!

Because the super fragrant coconut oil is added to make me feel so smooth, I drank it all at once!!!

Palpitations, dizziness, gastrointestinal discomforts, pregnant people, can't drink it, for your health, you have to exercise more, you can't just rely on it~

High-fiber, high-protein and high-nutrient fiber should also be eaten in the belly!!!

Follow me to lose weight fast, good drink!

This article is Ting Baobao’s experience after the trial is for reference only. Product ingredients and efficacy descriptions. Citing products or official websites (or fan groups) does not mean claiming to be effective. Seeing people’s habits. Different physical and skin types. The actual effects are based on each person’s experience. Phew! That's right~ Please respect the copyright law. Any person who plagiarizes and pirates the text and graphics of the article will be notified after the baby is discovered. Please take care of yourself! Thank you for your cooperation~

Article source:https://reurl.cc/Nj32Yn

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