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[Champion Drinks for Taichung Milk Festival] HWC Heiwo Coffee. Award-winning, noble and inexpensive specialty coffee! — Teacher Dakou’s Jumping School

Published date : 2019-09-08

I don’t know if everyone is like a big mouth, you have to have a cup of coffee every day to really wake up! "HWC Heiwo Coffee" was founded in 2016 by a cup tester, a bean seeker and five roasters. In addition to Italian coffee and hand brewed coffee, their specialty coffee brand also has a variety of teas, milk teas, etc. The most powerful one is their "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte", which not only won the 2019 Taichung Premium Milk The double crown of the festival, and the sight and taste buds can all be satisfied at one time, even we can't help but drink two big cups! In addition, there are also many coffee gift boxes on sale, not only won international competition design awards, but also won many domestic The souvenir award, highly creative and beautiful design, coupled with high-quality coffee beans, the noble and inexpensive price is the first choice for gifts!

【Store Information】
Official website:https://www.hwcroasters.com/

▼On the same day, we went to the "Heiwo Coffee" Nanjing Sanmin Store. The store is located in the alleys near Jinghua City. It is about a 4-minute walk from Exit 2 of Nanjing Sanmin Station of the MRT. The store is mainly black and white. It looks very textured!


▼In the menu, in addition to ordinary Italian coffee, there are also hand-made coffee, tea, milk tea, etc. There are many choices!


▼Friends who want to sit down and have a good chat and have a cup of coffee are no problem. There is also an interior area here, and some seats have plugs. It’s really great! The display cabinet next to it also provides coffee gift boxes, hand-made coffee pots and other goods. The display, it looks pleasing to the eye, and the texture is great!


▼The first thing I want to enjoy is their "Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte", which won the "Annual Representative Award" and "Most Popularity Award" at the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival. Let us look forward to it!


▼At first, add brown sugar syrup and ice cubes and shake them slightly, then pour in high-quality fresh milk and espresso, and the pattern like animal lines will appear~

▼Then add fresh milk foam and pearls, and you're done!

▼Deng froze! The brown sugar black jade latte is completely different from the brown sugar pearl milk that has been seen in the past. The delicate brown sugar texture is matched with the rich and mellow milk foam, carefully selected specialty coffee, QQ pearls and red jade black tea are embellished, plus the logo on the cup It also creates a stylish and textured cup of drinking, holding this cup to walk on the road a whole super culture, it is guaranteed to attract the attention of many passersby!

▼Before you enjoy it, remember to shake it evenly. It not only has a slightly sweet brown sugar aroma, but also a smooth coffee aroma, mellow and smooth milk foam and Q-ball pearls. The final rhyme will also give out a unique honey aroma of ruby ​​black tea. With the multi-layered flavor that is slightly sweet and not greasy, it makes people fall in love with it; and completely overturns the sweet feeling of brown sugar pearl milk. The addition of coffee not only enhances the aroma, but also superbly matches the taste buds. The ratio is really ecstasy, people can't help but drink two glasses of crazy before giving up (laughs)!

▼The next thing I’m going to enjoy is hand brewing coffee. Hand brewing coffee seems simple, but because the flow rate, direction, and temperature of the hot water are all controlled by the hand brewer, I also pay attention to experience and techniques; of course, coffee powder is also the key. First, freshly ground coffee is the freshest, and the particle size and uniformity of coffee powder are also the key factors that affect hand-made coffee. Don’t worry about it here. Both the coffee powder and the skills of the service staff are very particular. You can enjoy the delicious single-origin coffee at the price of copper plate!

▼This ``1931 wild geisha sun-dried in the Ethiopian Geisha Village Forest'' can be said to be quite precious and hard-to-get coffee beans!

The story begins in 2007. Adam Overton, an American documentary filmmaker who loves photography, and Rachel Samuel, a beautiful and generous Isobian photographer's wife, were entrusted to Ethiopia to shoot a coffee-related documentary. By chance, I have more interaction with the residents of this land, and I want to build my dream coffee farm!
After searching for three years in Ethiopia with enthusiasm, I finally found a place and named it Gesha Village (Gesha Village), and through cooperation with the famous Panamanian donkey manor that cultivated geisha coffee varieties in the world Master William (Willem Boot) met and learned!
The time came in 2011, when Willem Boot came to the Geisha Village to start construction together. When they ventured into a place called Gori Gesha Forest, they found a geisha species that resembled a geisha grown in Panama. It is said to be in a place called Gori Gesha Forest. It was discovered in the virgin forest of Isopia in 1931 and then planted in Panama. They sent the discovered species to the United States for genetic comparison. They found that the similarity was extremely high, and named it a 1931 geisha. This variety is planted in the Geisha Village of Bench Maji, Ethiopia!
Heiwo Coffee especially cooperated with them. You can enjoy the special batch of Heiwo Coffee made by the famous Geisha Village 1931 Geisha by the famous teacher Willem Boot in the store. You can taste the wonderful geisha coffee beans flavor without wading through the mountains and water. What a blessing!

▼"1931 wild geisha in the forest of Geisha Village, Ethiopia" are light roasted coffee beans with a dark amber color. After the coffee beans are progressed with honey, they will have a light and refreshing taste at the beginning. The aroma will have the illusion of drinking tea, after which it will have a honey-like silky taste. The end rhyme will have a fruity aroma such as jasmine, strawberry, sweet peach, etc., which is sweet and refreshing. Endless aftertaste!

▼If you don't like the heavy coffee aroma, and like the slightly elegant fruity and floral back-sweet aroma, then this Geisha coffee bean must not be missed. It tastes very refreshing and sweet, and it is a very durable one!

▼The other is the "Special Esobia Yejia Snow Coffee G1" selected by Jacky Lai, the world champion of roasted beans, which is also a must. There is a strong scent in the mouth, and the throat rhyme also has a sweet and fruity fragrance. It's like the sweet fragrance after eating grapes, Aiwen, blueberries, peaches and other fruits in one bite. What's amazing is that the whole mouth is full of sweetness and sweetness, which will linger for a long time~

▼Heiwo Coffee specially cooperated with world roasted bean champion Lai Yuquan, and specially selected this Yejia Snow Pfe to share with you!

▼If the geisha coffee just tasted fresh and elegant with small daisies, then this Yejiaxuephine is a beautiful rose that can be seen at a glance. The sweet and sweet smell is very charming, and it will not be forgotten for a long time!

▼Lemon coffee is also a special coffee that is very suitable for summer! The use of fresh lemon juice with ice water and espresso not only has a beautiful vision of gradation, but also makes people amazing at the entrance!

▼It tastes not only with the fresh and fruity scent of lemon, but unexpectedly in harmony with the mellow coffee, and the taste buds become refreshing and smooth, giving a cool and comfortable taste!

▼In addition, the garland here is also very powerful, I saw the service staff intently depicting the appearance of milk foam, and it didn't take long for a lifelike unicorn to appear. It is really beautiful and dreamy!

▼There are also a variety of gift boxes on display. For example, this "Macaron Series Coffee Hanging Ear Gift Box" is the first choice for gifts. Not only can you drink five different kinds of Blue Mountain, Arabica, Mamba, Golden Mandheling, and Mocha all at once. Flavored coffee, and the packaging is very elegant and sweet, and the texture is quite good!

▼Each flavored coffee is represented by a different dreamy macaron color system. It not only has the triple enjoyment of vision, smell and taste buds, but the gift is also very beautiful!

▼In addition, this "Playing Card Coffee Kingdom Hanging Ear Gift Box" not only incorporates daily cards into the coffee packaging, it has also won the Dutch Indigo Illustration Design Award & Packaging Design Award and other awards. It was also shortlisted for the American Communication Art Annual Design and Advertising Award. Countless is the best affirmation!

▼The aroma of Heiwo coffee smells even the coffee cat god! The two ghost cards symbolize "sun-dried coffee-the footsteps of the cat god" and "late coffee-the gaze of the cat god". They are really creative. !

▼Turned over, it really looks like a poker card. Suddenly I want to have a big second game (laughs)! But don’t think it’s just a package of cards. The spades symbolize the fire element, the square is the wind element, and the red heart is the water element. The plum blossom is the earth element. It is really interesting to use different roasting techniques, golden ratio, water temperature extraction, and characteristics of the production area to make different distinctions!

▼There are also a variety of coffee products on the shelf on the side, whether it is coffee beans or hanging ear coffee, it is very practical whether it is for yourself or as a gift!

▼The product has a simple introduction and price description, not only the packaging feels good, but also noble and not expensive, and it is relatively easy to buy!

▼Both coffee beans are jointly launched by Taiwanese roasted bean champion Jiang Chengzhe. One has the aroma of roasted cocoa and nuts, and the other has a charming floral and fruit aroma, which can be made according to personal preference. Pick!

▼There is also a coffee gift box of the Heiwo series, both of which can be satisfied with the champion single product of roasted beans; their coffee gift boxes are very textured, and the gift packs are considered to be face-saving!

▼"Heiwo Coffee" has many stores in Taiwan. You can check the nearest store online and enjoy delicious and smooth specialty coffee!


"Heiwo Coffee" from the beginning of hand-made coffee and manor coffee to the current specialty coffee is very high-quality in terms of packaging, taste, and technique. The noble and inexpensive price is acceptable to everyone, and it is considered to have a good CP value. High coffee shop! Whether it is the popular Italian coffee, hand-made coffee with hand-feeling skills, or single tea, milk tea, etc., you can meet here at one time, especially the brown sugar black jade latte is very popular, making people Fall in love with a drink~ There are also a variety of coffee gift boxes, whether it is the Chinese New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes, it is very suitable for those who are interested. Friends who are interested may wish to go to the nearest store to buy, or it is very convenient to buy directly online!

【Store Information】
Official website:https://www.hwcroasters.com/

Article source:https://zineblog.com.tw/blog/post/190820

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