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[Taichung·South District] HWC Heiwo Coffee Coffee Consultation | Taichung Pure Milk Champion | Exclusive Coffee Consultation to find the coffee beans that suit you — Catalina

Published date : 2019-11-07

I saw the "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" of "Heiwo Coffee" won the Taichung Milk Festival champion a while ago, and I was very curious about Heiwo Coffee!
Searching on the Internet found that Heiwo Coffee was established in 2016 to create a specialty coffee kingdom and provide every customer with the best quality coffee~
And one of the most special is Heiwo Coffee’s original "Coffee Consultation"!
There are hundreds of coffee beans, both sour and bitter, with various fruit aromas or chocolate aromas. In the past, I used to order a cup of coffee at will, and every cup is like a lottery XD
Through the coffee consultation, you can know more about the coffee beans that suit you~choose a cup of coffee beans that are just for you!
Today I’m going to share with you Heiwo Coffee’s original coffee consultation~

The process of coffee consultation is as follows:

  • A coffee consultation record sheet
  • Taste two cups of coffee with different flavors
  • Record your true feelings about coffee
  • In-depth analysis by the barista
  • Find the coffee beans that suit you

Let’s start coffee consultation with Catalina~

The beautiful barista shop manager personally makes coffee for us~
The barista prepared two kinds of coffee beans with different flavors. We did a blind test of the true feelings of the coffee without knowing the type of coffee beans.
The quality of freshly brewed coffee is very good. It smells a little coffee, which is not only very comfortable and relaxing, but also refreshing, so the environment of Heiwo Coffee is very suitable for friends to taste coffee together!

First of all, the barista serves the first cup of coffee. Before tasting, smell the aroma and then taste the mellow hot coffee.
Record the "flavor, acidity, sweetness, body, end rhyme, and score" of the coffee on the coffee consultation record sheet. The barista on site will give a detailed explanation, so you can score it professionally!

After tasting the first cup of coffee, the barista will serve the second cup of coffee. Before drinking the second cup of coffee, you must drink water to wash off the taste of the previous cup of coffee before you can taste it~
After drinking, you should also record your feelings about the second cup of coffee. After scoring, the barista will teach you how to get your own "flavor V.S. acidity" data!

The two coffees I tasted today are Hei Wo Coffee’s "Black Power Drum" and "Wo Sheng Qu". They are the coffee beans of the champion of Taiwanese roasted beans. No wonder that although the flavors are very different, one is sour and the other is bitter. It’s so delicious~

In the final stage of the coffee consultation, I worked very hard to calculate my own value and find the most suitable coffee beans for me!

My destined coffee beans are sour "Apricot Shanti". Catalina likes sour coffee with a little fruity aroma~

This apricot Shanti is the answer calculated by the data, immediately taste a cup to see if the taste is my favorite~
The barista helped me make a pot of apricot and peach fragrance, smelled the coffee beans, and found that the coffee beans that have not yet been brewed have a light fruit aroma!

Thanks for the coffee consultation of Heiwo Coffee, let me find the coffee beans that suit me~
Apricot Shanti tastes like fruit tea with a little coffee aroma, a very special coffee!

After experiencing the coffee consultation, I did not forget to buy a cup of black sugar and black jade latte that I was thinking about.
This is a cup of rare milk champion that stands out from many rare milks! It's worth tasting~

Brown sugar black jade latte is a manor coffee that blends black sugar pearl milk into the boutique~
Latte has a rich brown sugar aroma, which is a very different coffee taste. It is suitable for friends who like a non-sweet taste, and you can drink a strong brown sugar aroma, because brown sugar gives people a more tasteful and better taste than ordinary sugar. Not sweet!

Heiwo Coffee provides a very comfortable afternoon tea space. Come here to taste the boutique manor coffee and pair it with a delicious cake. Spend a leisurely afternoon here with three or five friends, which is the most pleasant enjoyment!

Finally, follow Catalina to appreciate the environment of Heiwo Coffee~
Heiwo Coffee sells a variety of coffee products, including coffee beans, filter hanging type, everything, you can find your favorite coffee here~
Of course, there are also coffee peripheral products, coffee pots, hand-made coffee appliances, etc. All in all, whether you are a coffee expert or a new coffee beginner, you must come to Heiwo Coffee, and you will never be disappointed!

Heiwo Coffee Taichung High-tech Store has a big sign, you will not miss it after passing by~

HWC Heiwo Coffee Taichung High-tech Store

Business hours:
Contact number: (04) 2260-5882
Address: No. 371, Gaogong Road, South District, Taichung City

Article source:https://reurl.cc/1xpkXX

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