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Published date : 2019-10-31

The Heiwo specialty coffee HWC of the Taichung chain afternoon tea café will add some hand brewed coffee to the sweet brown sugar pearl milk this year. It is full of visual and taste buds and won the double crown of the Taichung Milk Festival! This time, in addition to taking everyone to taste the champion milk, I especially recommend the "coffee consultation service" of Heiwo Coffee. This service hopes that everyone will taste 3 different flavors of hand-made specialty coffee in the coffee diagnosis and treatment, and find out the coffee aroma you like. And taste.

Heiwo Coffee also provides unlimited time and socket internal use environment, coffee delivery service, so that everyone can accompany the fragrance of coffee at the same time in the office, and the store can also buy inexpensive but high-quality manor coffee beans, fine coffee beans and rich coffee beans. Creatively designed coffee gift box. If you like coffee, I recommend you to come here for an afternoon tea~ All Taiwan Heiwo Coffee Branch Bottom Plus

Heiwo Coffee Taichung High-tech Main Store
Heiwo Specialty Coffee HWC on Gaogong Road, South District, Taichung is the main store in Taiwan
The black iron bottom is paired with a pure white simple stick, low-key and mysterious
This year's Black Sugar Black Jade Latte won the double crown of Taichung Milk Festival
I just saw a coffee consultation service on the Heiwo Coffee Fan Group. I specially chose to come here to experience and taste the double crown "Black Sugar Black Jade Latte" in the afternoon of the holiday~

Heiwo on Gaogong Road, the shop is very bright
With green plants and wooden decoration design embellishment
The overall feeling is very soft and comfortable

There is a coffee bean roaster in the store, which looks very new

On the right side of the entry, there are full cabinets of hanging tea bags

Ivy found that there are more people from Heiwo Coffee on Gaogonglu who came here to buy coffee.
Occasionally, someone will make an appointment for a large bag of filter coffee

In addition to filter bag coffee, coffee beans are also sold

The coffee beans of Heiwo Coffee are all carefully matched with the taste of coffee masters.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have coffee beans at home, Heiwo Coffee can help you grind it fresh, but it is recommended to finish drinking it within a month~

Heiwo Coffee not only sells coffee, but also a variety of unique desserts
Like chestnut cake and pumpkin pie, these flavors are generally rare in afternoon tea shops.

The wooden menu is the main product in the store
Will change with the seasons or new products launched
If you think there are too many coffee items and don’t know what to order? Just choose the above~
The detailed menu is at the end of the article!

The internal use at the back of Heiwo Coffee is not limited, and there are sockets for use
In such a comfortable environment, it’s no wonder there are quite a few people reading and working here.

As mentioned above, Heiwo Coffee is unlimited, except for free WIFI
It's super Buddha-minded. Just order a drink and you can stay all day long! !
Their most praiseworthy thing is the "Pet Friendly Restaurant", which allows me to bring the little devil to drink coffee~

On the same day, we made an appointment for coffee consultation service at 5 o'clock, especially in the afternoon.
Order two latte drinks while chatting and relax

▲Black Wo Champion Special Latte $140
The gradation series of lattes not only attract attention, but the latte has a rich and smooth taste, which is very smooth.
The coffee in this cup is brewed with black-powered coffee beans
The taste is not sour and astringent, with a touch of chocolate scent, with the fresh milk of the ranch, the coffee taste has not been overwhelmed!

▲Roasted Briquettes $120
Ivy loves sweetness, and specially selected a cup of roasted brulee coffee that looks quite special.
The crispy caramel slices on top of the latte, like a pudding of toasted Brulee!
After taking a sip, after tasting the bitterness of the coffee, I can still bite into the sweet candy pieces. The multi-layered taste makes me very satisfied.

At five one, we started our coffee consultation service
Ivy seldom drinks coffee, and she doesn’t know much about the taste and taste of coffee.
And Heiwo Coffee hopes that through the coffee consultation service, I, a coffee beginner, can find coffee that suits my taste☕️
At the beginning, a sheet exclusively for Heiwo Coffee will be provided, with a lot of charts on it, which makes me rusty.

This coffee consultation is served by the beautiful and gentle shop manager of Gaogong Road (let peng earn)
The consultation service will let us experience three cups of hand brewed coffee with different flavors
The process will generally be that the first two cups are selected by the store staff, and the third cup is based on the scoring results to find out the coffee taste that everyone prefers, and make the final tasting~

Let us smell the ground coffee beans first, and then smell the aroma of the coffee beans themselves
Why is this order of reason?
In fact, the aroma of ground coffee beans will be stronger than that of the coffee beans themselves.

Next is the hand show show
peng would like to buy a coffee machine at home to make it by myself, and I especially asked the beautiful manager how to make it (I suspect it’s a pick-up girl)
The store manager also explained to us one by one about the brewing method
Slowly brew in a circle with hot water, wait for 30 seconds, let the air in the coffee radiate, continue brewing~
Of course, I just give a brief description. If you want to know the process in more detail, please make an appointment to experience!

The brewed coffee will be served in a small cup for us to taste
Later, the coffee will be scored based on its flavor, acidity, sweetness, end rhyme, and fullness

For the first two hand brewed coffees, the store manager matched us with the black-power drum and wo-sacred song that many people love in the store.
Wo-sacred song, with the acidity of berries, the taste is slightly sour at the beginning, and there will be a slight scent after the rhyme
Dark-powerful, with a chocolate hazelnut scent, a high end rhyme, and a strong coffee aroma, which is my favorite taste!


Comparing these two circular charts through the quadrant chart, Peng and I’s favorite coffees are all in the cocoa party.
So the beautiful store manager is making a pot of cocoa for us again~
The coffee for the cocoa party has a similar taste to the black-power drum, but the aroma of chocolate is stronger
With the taste of this cup, I can have a cup of black coffee every morning!
Of course, after the experience here, if you like, you can directly bring a bag or buy a filter bag to go home~

This time I came to Heiwo Coffee, besides wanting to experience the coffee consultation service
In fact, I also want to have a cup of "Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte", which recently won the ``Annual Representative Award'' and ``Most Popularity Award'' at the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival.
Delicate brown sugar texture, with rich and mellow milk foam, carefully selected specialty coffee, elastic pearls and ruby ​​black tea embellishment
Coupled with the simple LOGO on the cup, it feels particularly textured
Take this cup and walk on the road, and the youthful and artistic breath surrounds the whole body!

Okay, hurry up and finish drinking during the taste period!
Shake well before enjoying~
Sweet brown sugar aroma, with a smooth coffee aroma, it feels a bit burnt
Smooth milk foam and elastic pearls, paired with coffee brown sugar
The sweet but not greasy multi-layered taste makes me fall in love with this taste
This drink completely overturns the brown sugar pearl milk, only the feeling of sweetness and milk
After adding coffee, it not only enhances the aroma, but also enriches the taste buds. It is a drink that makes people drink one mouthful after another!


Article source:http://ivychi.com/hwc-cafe/

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