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Taichung Zhen Milk Champion & Coffee Control Essential Coffee Consultation [Hei Wo Coffee] — Han Han's mur mur show

Published date : 2019-11-06

#XiaohanDrinking #HaninTaichung

This time I went back to Taipei because I had to leave Taichung in the middle of work
I went to #HeiwoCoffee, which has suddenly risen in recent years

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

First, I want to introduce HWC ROASTERS

Founded in 2016, it was co-founded by a cup tester who is passionate about coffee, a bean seeker and five roasters.

The naming of #Heiwo is derived from the most nourishing and fertile black soil in order to cultivate the best quality coffee trees!
From specializing in coffee to education contribution, to the implementation of public welfare to give back to the society,
To create a real specialty coffee kingdom that everyone can control.
This is the original intention of Heiwo Coffee, to relax the vision as wide as the world, and the dream is not far away at all

Because recently I fell in love with coffee
But sometimes I drink coffee that I don’t like~
They have new activities when they come to Heiwo #Coffeeaskthedoctor

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點
Through in-depth communication with the barista, match with estate-grade hand brewed coffee
Like the way to go to see a doctor for consultation, find & prepare your own specialty coffee~


At the beginning, the barista will rub the coffee beans first
Then I will smell the aroma of coffee beans
Then make this coffee first
I want you to try it to see if it feels sour/sweet
Have you ever tasted it, if it is fragrant/chocolate
Then you can rate this cup of coffee~
Divided into six indicators
Flavor, acidity, sweetness, body, end rhyme, score

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

The mellow end rhyme is a bit hard to describe in detail
But the barista will guide you to answer together
I can only say that the coffee brewer is really super professional

A total of two kinds of coffee are their classic coffee

Black-Power Drum: Deep baked, with the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate,
The nutty aroma of cocoa and vanilla beans is rich in layers,
The black series also won the special coffee for the presidential plane

Wo-Shengqu: Medium roast, yellow lemon-like aroma with honeyed sweet flowers and honey,
It has a sweet and sour taste like Darjeeling black tea texture and citrus lemon juice.

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

One kind is sour and the other is bitter. After all the drinks,
I find that I prefer chocolate-flavored & bitter coffee,
But I like a little sour feeling~

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

They have a total of 16 kinds of coffee beans, and the results of the three people's tests that day are different!
What I’m suitable for is #CocoaParty This coffee bean,
He is a body with dark chocolate, walnut, and berry flavors, caramel sweetness, and creamy smoothness!

I think it's worthwhile to come to HWC Heiwo Coffee "Coffee Consultation" coffee consultation
Later, you can describe your favorite coffee to the store,
Don’t be afraid to drink coffee you don’t like~
It is highly recommended to friends who don’t know how to choose a coffee that suits them.
I hope you can find your favorite coffee,
Let your favorite coffee accompany you and spend a good time.

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like coffee, tea is also available here!
And there is even the "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" that won the annual representative championship and popularity award double at the Taichung Milk Festival

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

#Brownsugarblackjade Based on coffee latte,
Blended with brown sugar sauce and brown sugar pearls, topped with fresh milk foam,
Create a cup of creative milk with both layers and taste

The whole drink has the mellowness of specialty coffee, the frankincense of fresh milk, thick milk foam,
The caramelized brown sugar and the taste of Q bomb pearls have a super rich taste.
That’s because the coffee itself is slightly bitter and fragrant. Compared with ordinary brown sugar milk, it is not as sweet and greasy and more durable~

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點

黑沃咖啡║咖啡問診║珍珠奶茶║台灣飲料║台中飲料║手搖飲 推薦║網美店║手搖飲料║台中美食║連鎖飲料店║網美打卡║文青必買║手搖杯║台中旅遊║台中景點



Hand brewed coffee ntd$80
Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte ntd$85

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