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[Choose the hand-made coffee that suits you-Heiwo Coffee Coffee Questionnaire] Taichung Senior Engineer Limited - Yega's Living Space

Published date : 2019-11-07

Last time I drank Heiwo Coffee's brown sugar black jade latte in Shalu, the multiple tastes of pearls + brown sugar + hand brewed coffee + creamy milk foam are really super happy~~

Although not in Shalu this time, there is a "Heiwo Coffee Taichung High-tech Store" nearby for drinking.


Different from the take-out mode of Shalu shop, Gaogong shop has enough bar and seating area to sit down and enjoy a cup of hand-made coffee.


"Coffee Questionnaire" only available in Gaogongdian, come and test your taste preferences
When Yega came to the Gaogong shop, he happened to see other customers experiencing the "coffee consultation" service. It felt so special!


If you drink hand brewed coffee for the first time, and you don’t know your taste, you can find your preference through coffee consultation.
After all, not every coffee shop is like Heiwo Coffee, which will offer tastings.


Although this activity needs to be booked in advance to experience it, there are enough people in the store, so the manager asked us to experience it together.
At the beginning, the store staff will make two cups of light roasted and medium-dark roasted coffee for tasting, and make judgments based on the taste of the two cups of coffee.

Sounds natural, right?
However, I did not give a high score to the taste of these two cups of coffee. Although the second cup of deep roasting is more delicious, but I feel that it is not good enough...

However, following the instructions on the questionnaire in this way, I finally really judged my favorite medium-deep baking.
The result is tested. Of course, you have to actually drink the cocoa party and see the results of the questionnaire. Is it true to my taste?


The strong coffee taste is smooth and sweet, which is exactly my taste; the sisters bought it is smooth and light so that you can hardly taste the bitterness of coffee... Isn't this tea?
Although it is my sister’s favorite tea flavor, it’s quicker to drink such a lightly baked tea, haha!

In the afternoon, a cup of freshly ground hand brewed coffee, and a variety of coffee beans and filter hanging styles are available for purchase
Drink your favorite freshly ground hand brewed coffee and enjoy a leisurely afternoon with cakes...


It's very comfortable whether you are alone or with three friends. It is a good place to kill time.




Taichung Milk Festival Double Crown-Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte, a summer cold drink you can’t miss when you come to Heiwo Coffee
I almost forgot to have my black sugar black jade coffee, which is especially cool in the hot summer.

Even sister Tao thinks that the brown sugar pearl milk that smells of coffee is very fresh.
The branches of Heiwo Coffee all have their own characteristics. The only constant is the specialty of coffee knowledge and quality selection, and even the taste is very demanding.


Like their lattes, brown sugar and black jade lattes, they taste rich and multi-layered. Compared with other coffee brands, they are professional and have a high CP value...

So when I want to drink hand brewed coffee, I will check if there is Heiwo coffee nearby in Yega.

Article source​​​​​​​https://m0034022.pixnet.net/blog/post/351213439

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