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Professional staff Heiwo Coffee Coffee consultation to test which is the best coffee for you — Green is the mildest color

Published date : 2019-11-05


The editor who is addicted to coffee comes to the boutique coffee shop today, Heiwo Coffee (a chain brand ~)

Heiwo is a brand established by a group of coffee professionals ~ there are cup testers, bean seekers and roasters

It sounds super awesome~ I personally like the overall atmosphere of Heiwo, the simple and comfortable cafe space


The interior seats are bright and spacious, and not too noisy!!! (This is really important~


As soon as you enter the door, you can smell the scent of coffee,

In addition to coffee roasting equipment near the door and the bar,

There are also hanging ear coffees sold with well-known coffee beans from all over the world



In addition to coffee, there are also special hand-made drinks, as well as bread and desserts, which are very suitable for office workers and college students to rest in the afternoon on holidays!


The menu is as follows ↓The ingredients and calories of caffeine are carefully marked, which is a good news for the fitness group and female friends~

「黑沃 菜單」的圖片搜尋結果

Specially introduce this cup of Heiwo's exclusive drink, the black sugar and black jade latte

He is not an ordinary brown sugar latte~ This year's champion milk tea won the first place in the vote.

Lights, lights~ That's right! It's this one!!!

The super beautiful and super nice gradient brown sugar with milk color is really attractive~~

In addition, the workmanship of this drink is also very meticulous, and the ingredients are stacked layer by layer~

I personally recommend this drink, it doesn’t taste like a very sweet brown sugar latte~

It has a slightly bitter black coffee flavor, with milk caps and brown sugar, and the final rhyme in the entrance is more sweet.

It’s really super smooth and sloppy~ Although the price is a little bit luxurious, it’s good to reward yourself occasionally~


Next, let’s not talk too much nonsense, and quickly enter the topic to introduce their coffee to everyone~

Especially this time I participated in the coffee consultation activity that interacted with the barista~

Very special tasting experience~ I will give you a taste of the aroma of coffee at the beginning, there are two types in total


Then, a professional barista will perform hand-made coffee in front of you, and make it for you personally~I will also introduce the characteristics of coffee while drinking~



The first coffee I drank (I don’t know which one it is) has a relatively high acidity and a fruity taste.

You can feel the multi-level taste experience. It’s a pity that I don’t really like coffee with high acidity


Then score the coffee based on the taste of the experience


The second coffee tastes darker chocolate bitter, slightly sour, but it feels warmer and mellow and somewhat sweet. Personally love it~


Then the lights, the barista will announce to you which two types of coffee you just tasted.

At the beginning, it was mentioned that the acidity is relatively high, and the fruity fragrance is one of the store’s signature black series (pictured below on the left)

Another one that tastes like dark chocolate and is more mellow and sweet is also one of the signature brands in the store, the Wo series (pictured below on the right)


The last step will be a coffee diagnosis for the individual to see what kind of coffee is suitable for you and what kind of taste you would like.

So amazing is that the measured value corresponds to the coffee editor I really like it!!!

After I finished the test, it was a cocoa party. It is a relatively low acidity, high sweetness and full-bodied coffee~

Through the coffee consultation test, you can really understand your favorite coffee taste and the suitable taste.


This coffee consultation experience is really professional and amazing~

Recommend to friends who like coffee or want to try coffee for consultation~

Want to know what kind of coffee is suitable for you? Come to Heiwo Coffee to experience it!!!

I won’t tell you anymore~ I am going to continue to drink the Champion Brown Sugar Pearl Latte (Super Push~

Article source:https://s102101041.pixnet.net/blog/post/351202264

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