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Champion of Taichung Bubble Milk Festival! Heiwo Coffee's addictive "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" signature must be ordered — United News Network

Published date : 2019-11-11

Take-away cup "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte", "Ice Latte Coffee"

Heiwo Coffee Beitun Xing'an Store is located in the section of Xing'an Road, Taichung City. The white background and black lettering are particularly conspicuous on the whole street. The bright and simple decoration of the store creates a sense of relaxation!

Every day, different types of coffee are provided for customers to try and drink. They mainly provide take-out "coffee, tea, milk tea" and purchase coffee beans. The stores also have seating areas for customers who come to the store to buy coffee.

The seating area can accommodate about 10-12 people, and you can smell bursts of coffee in the cafe.


Black Tea Oulei
The black tea extracted by the coffee machine has a strong tea aroma, and the milk foam produced by the "homogenizer" is combined to make this beautiful cup of gradual black tea Oulei. In the mouth, the milk foam is dense and delicate, with a strong tea aroma and light sweetness, which makes it healthy and unburdened to drink.




Every coffee drink is made to order, and while waiting, you can smell the aroma of coffee and tea!



The milk froth on the cold drink is also a major feature! The milk foam produced by the "homogenizer" foams more uniformly than the steamed milk foam, and the taste is smoother and denser.


Latte is made of medium-deep roasted "selected Italian coffee beans", which emphasizes the rich and rich flavor of coffee, which makes the whole cup of latte drink more smoothly. The gradual effect of a layer of milk, a layer of coffee and a layer of milk foam is not I had to look at it, and it tasted more layered.



Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte
Won the double crown "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" at the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival, but it is a must-try signature drink for Heiwo Coffee. Using pearls, brown sugar, milk and coffee to make a blend, and finally put on milk foam is this unexpected perfect combination. The combination of brown sugar and coffee is unexpectedly very good. It tastes more rich than ordinary brown sugar milk. In the mouth, not only the aroma of coffee but also the special burnt aroma of brown sugar.


The whole cup of drink, even the pearls, are made to order. The pearls and brown sugar are evenly mixed together with the freshly brewed pearls from the coffee machine. The taste is chewy but not too sweet.



Hand brewed coffee
If you want to know the skills of a barista in a coffee shop and the quality of coffee beans, just have a cup of "hand brewed coffee"! Guests can choose from a variety of different coffee beans, depending on what you want to drink today or what flavor of coffee you like, you can drink a cup of hot coffee brewed by a professional barista.

Each cup of "hand brewed coffee" is weighed by an electronic scale to weigh a certain amount of coffee beans. After the coffee beans are freshly ground, the customer will first "try the aroma" of the coffee beans. If you smell it carefully, you can smell the difference between dry coffee powder and wet coffee powder. the taste of.
The hand brewed coffee in the photo is made of medium-roasted "Guatemalan Antigua Flower God" coffee beans. In addition to the unique floral aroma, it also smells of citrus. It is a perfect combination of floral and fruity aromas. Coffee beans. The barista will use the "single point water injection" or "circle + soak" method to make coffee for customers according to the environment, humidity and the fineness of the coffee beans at the time.

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