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Recommended by Dajia Beverage Shop│HWC Heiwo Coffee Dajia Wenwu Store 2019 Taichung Zhen Milk Championship, Black Sugar Black Jade Latte is super delicious — Gluttony Bao Youzi

Published date : 2019-10-05

Many people in modern times are more and more inseparable from coffee. I also need to drink at least one cup a day. Although I have not studied coffee too deeply, good coffee will make people want to buy back again and again! [Heiwo Coffee] is The new coffee brand established in the past two years, in addition to selling specialty coffee, the newly developed black sugar black jade latte won the 2019 Taichung Milk Grand Champion. Some stores also provide coffee bean purchase and delivery services. I recommend coffee lovers to try it. People who are not familiar with coffee like me can come here to explore. Many people have fallen into the wonderful world of coffee. Too!

This day I came to the [Heiwo Coffee Dajia Wenwu Store]. The store is located near Dajia Station. You can walk for about five minutes after getting off the station.



[Heiwo Coffee] was established in 2016 by a group of cup testers, a bean seeker and five roasters who are passionate about coffee. Owning a manor in Panama, from the cultivation of coffee trees to the sale of coffee beans... etc., it is almost a one-stop production.
The naming of Heiwo is derived from the most nourishing and fertile black soil to cultivate the best quality coffee trees. From coffee research to education contribution, to the implementation of public welfare to give back to the society, so as to create a truly exclusive and controllable coffee tree. Professional specialty coffee kingdom.


When you enter the store, there is a cool air-conditioning. The outer area is the take-out area for ordering. There are also some interior seating areas. It is also quite suitable for a cup of afternoon tea!


The wall on one side of the store is full of various coffee beans, which are marked with the flavor introduction of each coffee bean. You can also ask the store to help you find the coffee beans that suit you. You can also buy beans here. The store can also provide them. The service of grinding beans!


The store also sells simple coffee peripheral products. If you want more convenience, you can choose hanging ear coffee. Dajia store also sells Mazu packaging, which is quite commemorative!


If you are like me who don’t know what kind of coffee you are suitable for, I recommend you to bring a set of macaron series filter coffee gift box. Each box is 20 yuan for a special price of 300 yuan, and a package is only 12 yuan, and the packaging is very exquisite , It's a good gift for your own use!


Macaron series hanging ear coffee contains: Blue Mountain flavor, Mamba, Mocha, Golden Mandheling, Arabica. If you don’t want to buy a 20-pack gift box at a time, you can buy a five-pack for a drink and try to find your favorite coffee.


Heiwo Coffee Menu

In addition to coffee drinks, the shop also sells tea and milk tea, and the prices are medium to those of ordinary coffee shops.


The store also has coffee delivery service. You can send more than 2 cups within 2 kilometers, more than 6 cups within 2-5 kilometers, and more than 10 cups within 5-10 kilometers.


The coffee-making equipment in the store is of course you can see in a professional coffee shop, and coffee making is also professional.


What surprised me more is that as long as it is a drink containing milk, no matter whether it is ice or hot, it has milk froth!! Generally, only hot drinks at Xing Xg will have milk froth on the upper layer. If you order a cold drink, it will always have milk froth. Just add the milk directly. While [Heiwo Coffee] has milk froth in both hot and cold, it really surprises me who loves milk froth!


The process of making Champion bubble milk is mouthwatering just by looking at the brown sugar~~ and it also has thick milk foam!!


I also ordered a cup of black tea Ou Lei, the tea here is freshly brewed tea, of course, the taste is much better than the tea that is brewed and put on sale! And even the black tea Ou Lei also has milk foam... love to drink People with milk froth taste come to Heiwo Coffee!


Latte coffee $65/ice

Those who like coffee recommend you to have a cup of original latte first. The latte of [Black Wo Coffee] is well balanced, not too bitter or too sour. It is very smooth with sweet milk, especially the top layer of freshly beaten milk froth. It also provides a full and smooth taste. I personally feel that this cup beats many chain coffee lattes, especially cold drinks and milk froth, which can add a lot of points. In addition, the price is acceptable, and the CP value is very good.


Brown sugar and black jade latte $85/ice

Everyone should have enjoyed the brown sugar milk that has been very rammed in the past two years, but the brown sugar pearl latte should not have been drunk~~[Heiwo Coffee] launched this drink to win the championship of the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival. Really The drink is worth a try!



The base is coffee latte, with brown sugar and Q-ball pearls added. After the brown sugar is dissolved in the latte, it tastes like a caramel macchiato. It is not too sweet and has the bitter taste of coffee. The bitter and sweet taste is very smooth!

I really recommend some ice, because the taste of pearls will be more springy when cold, and with the above-mentioned bitter and sweet taste, it is difficult to stop one bite after another...! I personally think that this is a big defeat to all the brown sugar milk, because it is really delicious~~


Spread the fresh milk foam on the upper layer, and drink it directly by the mouth to experience different tastes and flavors~


Black tea Oulei $60/ice

As mentioned earlier, teas are all made using freshly brewed methods. Compared with the brewed tea in ordinary hand-crank beverage shops, freshly brewed tea has a stronger aroma and tastes less bitter and astringent than the tea itself. This black tea is from Sri Lanka. After the tea is extracted, milk is added as a link. It tastes refreshing and refreshing, and the overall taste is not too thin.

If the tea in the store is sweetened, sucrose is used instead of fructose. The normal sweetness is about the micro-sugar of ordinary hand shake, so don’t worry about drinking too much sugar. The store attaches great importance to the balance of the entrance. I hope that customers can feel the original flavor of tea or coffee.


Finally, this cup is a hidden version of the drink in the store~~ The owner’s special lemon coffee, with sparkling water in it, feels super cool! It is said to be very popular with girls, and many female customers have repeatedly repurchased it and recommended it. [Heiwo Coffee Dajia Wenwu Branch] You can order it and try it!

Concluding remarks

All kinds of coffee can be found here, Heiwo specialty coffee is worth a try! After drinking Heiwo Coffee, I really don’t want to buy Star X grams again. Fortunately, Hou Li is not far from Dajia. [Heiwo Coffee] has been included in my personal recommendation list of Dajia beverage shops. It is recommended for coffee lovers. I want to try [Heiwo Coffee]!

Article source:http://bagaxn.com/hwcroasters/

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