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[Taichung Coffee] A unique and delicious collision of specialty coffee and pearl drinks Heiwo Coffee Dajia Wenwu Store — Irene

Published date : 2019-10-05

Taking advantage of the leisure time to return to Dajia's hometown, I found out that there have been many more coffee shops in Dajia this year.
Even this year's Taichung Milk Festival won the most popular and the annual double crown Heiwo Coffee
I also planted a flag on Wenwu Road near the peasant association


The simple design signboard with black lettering on a white background is quite recognizable on this road
You can walk from Dajia Railway Station in less than five minutes.
There is a toll parking lot on the opposite side of Heiwo. Now it’s hard to find a parking space on the roadside in Dajia.
This location is pretty good



Heiwo’s Dajia store is basically a take-out store, but there are still a few seats inside.
If you want to have a coffee break after visiting the Dajia neighborhood or visiting Zhenlan Palace on holiday
There is also a seat to rest your feet


And besides the cool air-conditioning, you can also swipe your card
You don’t have to worry about urinary urgency if you stay for a long time


At present, Dajia stores only serve drinks, all of which are served with cups.
There are also delivery services within 10 kilometers (but more than 10 cups)
In this way, companies in the Young Lion Industrial Zone can have the opportunity to call for a coffee, afternoon tea, and wake up XD





Look carefully at the extra coffee pods near the counter. They are some of the flavors in the macaron gift box of Heiwo Coffee
It's actually quite cheap, a good starting price
Every time you buy an ear bag, it’s easy to forget what the original taste was after losing the packaging.
Heiwo's macaron packaging design is very ingenious
Differentiate flavors by color
After the customer buys it back, even if he forgets what taste he bought
As long as you remember the color and repurchase at the store, you can find the flavor you liked at the beginning
After all, in terms of vision and text, the general public always has a deeper impression of visual colors.
If you want to try Heiwo's specialty coffee series
This set of ear hook series purchased additionally, I think it is a set that can be started


The three major beverage series currently available in the store Coffee series, tea drinking series, milk tea series
If you want to see the Menu clearly, you can click here Dajia Wenwu Store Menu



Heiwo Coffee Dajia shop except for take-out coffee
There are also some coffee gift boxes and coffee beans that are currently on sale in the store.
However, due to the limited space in the store, not all the gift box series are on the top







However, Heiwo and Zhenlan Palace cooperated with Dajia Mazu Wufu Linmen Safe Coffee Hanging Ear Bag
In addition to gift boxes, there are also single packs sold here
If you have friends who like to drink coffee and love Mazu culture
When you come to Dajia to worship, bring along and buy a box of censer that you have used in Zhenlan Palace
Drinking and blessing is a very representative first choice for gifting!



Both the clerk and the manager of Heiwo Coffee have good knowledge of coffee beans
If you have any questions about the purchase, you can ask them directly
Oh, by the way, if you buy coffee beans you like in the store but you don’t have a grinder at home
You can also directly ask the clerk to help on behalf of the grinding


On the coffee bean rack there is a list of beans of Ben Hei Wo coffee
Looking through it a bit, I found that there are so many types of coffee beans~~~~


If Mikesia raises a herd of cows for customers
Heiwo should have planted an entire coffee estate for the guests
Heiwo joined the army in 2016, although it has only been three years
But the composition of the coffee roasting team is each top talent
Heiwo is a century-old manor located in the Boquete region of Panama
The current owner, Graciano Cruz, is a world-recognized master of honey treatment and sun treatment
Its estate is also the first certified estate in Panama


In addition to the good source of coffee beans, Heiwo's bean seekers, roasters, and cup testers also have their own backgrounds.
Because of their love of coffee and persistence in quality
Only in such a short time can we create a Heiwo coffee that everyone can easily enjoy



The interior area of the Heiwo Dajia store can accommodate about 12 people
The door behind is not a secret passage
If you want to go to the bathroom in the store, you just open the door.HWC-5.jpg



Although coming to Heiwo, I should order the champion drink, brown sugar and black jade latte
But I still want to order a cup of milk tea
The space in the shop is quite open
So standing next to you can see the clerk making drinks


Heiwo's black tea Oulei has a dense layer of milk foam on it, which is made with a homogenizer
So the taste is very delicate and dense


When ordering, the amount of sugar was not specifically stated
I thought it would be too sweet when I drank the first sip, but I didn’t expect it
It also has a strong tea flavor. After stirring the upper layer of milk froth a little,
The milky sweetness blends into the tea fragrance in just the right proportions
It’s a milk tea Oulei drink that won’t get tired even when it’s hot.



Latte Come in the afternoon, it’s good to have a cup of latte to refresh yourself
Heiwo’s latte is milk at the bottom and black coffee in the middle.
The top layer is also the dense milk foam made with a homogenizer



I enjoyed the black coffee flavor in the middle with a straw before it was evenly stirred.
Black coffee brewed with medium-deep roasted beans has a slightly sour cocoa flavor
After mixing with milk and milk foam
The sour taste of the whole cup of coffee is not so strong.
Instantly becomes very smooth with a slightly sweet taste



The last one I want to recommend everyone to drink, of course, is the champion drink, brown sugar and black jade latte
Heiwo's brown sugar The brown sugar in the black jade latte is boiled in the old way
The pearls are cooked every day and retain the caramel flavor of fresh Q bombs. It is slightly sweet and not too sweet.
The black coffee in the black sugar black jade latte is the same as the dark roasted beans with cocoa flavor.
The taste after blending with brown sugar and milk is very layered


If the brown sugar pearl latte you have enjoyed before is always too sweet and too greasy, worrying about the calories exploding.
Why not try Heiwo's black sugar black jade latte
You can drink the bittersweetness of coffee as well as the caramel aroma of brown sugar. The whole cup has a rich texture and is not sweet and greasy.


I've enjoyed Heiwo's drinks several times, and found that there is no special explanation in the order, and the drinks are not too sweet.
The clerk explained that Heiwo’s drinks are all sugar-reduced formulas
The normal sweetness in the store is slightly sweeter than other stores outside
The sugar part also uses sucrose



Would you like to have a good coffee with affordable and creative texture? Heiwo's creative latte would be a good choice for you.
Don’t forget to drop by when you visit Dajia Old Street or worship Zhenlan Palace




Article source:https://reurl.cc/1xpmLD

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