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Taichung Milk Festival Champion Drink — Eat off

Published date : 2019-09-06

Friends in Taichung should know that last month there was a very special Taichung Milk Festival, which broke everyone's impression that the milk must be served with tea. The "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" contested by Heiwo Coffee was selected. Cherish milk for the annual champion! And you can drink the creative rare milk made with specialty coffee for only the price of copper plate.

Heiwo Coffee has many branches in Taichung, and was rated as the five most worthwhile cafes in Taiwan by magazines. This time we are the newly opened store in front of Taichung Station at the end of July. The pure white facade gives people a refreshing look. feel

Only when I came in, I found out that the original small shop is mainly for take-aways. On the side of the shelf, there are fine coffee beans from various countries and gift boxes for purchase.

Although there is a planned inner-use area at the rear, there are already some guests in it when it first arrives, but the space is small, it is more convenient for everyone to take it out.

Heiwo Coffee | Menu
Heiwo’s drinks are mainly coffee, and there are also a small amount of tea and milk tea. For coffee shops, almost all are available at a price of 100 yuan, which is quite close to the people.

Hei Wo Coffee | Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte
The black sugar black jade latte is a new product recently launched. It has also become the signature drink in the store because it won the annual representative award and the most popular award at the Taichung Milk Festival. This drink is based on latte coffee. Brown sugar sauce and brown sugar pearls create a cup of creative milk with both layers and taste

Each cup is made to order. The rim of the cup is topped with rich brown sugar sauce to create beautiful lines that add visual points.

Next, add fresh milk and coffee~ In order to highlight the caramel aroma of the brown sugar pearls, we also specially selected the Central and South American fine blended coffee beans with the aroma of hazelnut and chocolate to extract the coffee liquid.

Then add the brown sugar pearls with Q bombs

Generally, when ordering a latte in a coffee shop, milk and coffee are used. In addition to using specialty coffee, Heiwo’s specialty also includes fresh ice milk froth!

The first time I saw that cold drinks can also be added with milk foam, it feels very special. The taste is as dense as a milk cap, but the ice milk froth is freshly beaten with fresh milk, which is more refreshing and healthy than ordinary milk caps.

The whole cup of drink has the mellowness of specialty coffee, the frankincense of fresh milk, thick milk foam, caramelized brown sugar, plus the taste of Q bomb pearls. The taste is very rich, and because the coffee itself has a slightly bitter aroma, it is similar to ordinary brown sugar. Compared with milk, it is not so sweet and greasy, and it is more resistant to drinking. The rim of the cup is so beautiful, but you have to seize the time if you want to take beautiful photos!

Heiwo Coffee | Latte
Latte coffee is also a very popular drink, a cup of less than 100 yuan can also have a beautiful garland

Watch the barista carefully pull out the beautiful pattern, I feel that the picture is healing

This cup of coffee latte not only has rich milk foam, but also has a rich milky aroma. Those who dare not drink black coffee can try this one.

If you buy a latte before 9/30, you can also collect chapters and play online games, you can upgrade for free or give away drinks

Heiwo Coffee | Hand Brewed Coffee
The store has boutique hand-brewed coffees from Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania...different estates. Coffee with different aromas like fruit, floral, cream, and cocoa can be recommended by the clerk.

Grind the coffee beans directly into powder and then brew them by hand, you can smell the mellow smell in the air during the brewing process

What we drank this day was the top geisha coffee from Panama’s Heiwa Estate. The shop also has a variety of fine coffee beans from different countries and regions to choose from, ranging from ordinary to relatively high-priced coffee beans, and you can choose them as you like. Buy home

The barista is professionally trained and knows how to make a good cup of coffee. If we don’t know much, it’s better to come and drink it directly (laughs~)

Geisha coffee beans are the most well-known coffee beans in recent years. Although they are expensive, they are loved by many people. At Heiwo Coffee, you can also drink Geisha coffee from different farms and processing methods. Each coffee bean has it. Own unique flavor, like the one we drink, it has the acidity of citrus, apricot, pineapple, orange, and a faint jasmine fragrance. It tastes smooth and not bitter.

Heiwo Coffee | Macaron Series Filter Coffee Gift Box
Friends who usually have coffee habit at home can also refer to Heiwo Coffee’s macaron hanging ear coffee. Each box contains five flavors and a total of 20 bags of coffee, including Blue Mountain/Mamba/Mocha/Gold Mandheling /Arabica, which are more popular tastes, were also selected as the top ten souvenirs in Taichung City in 2018

Not only does it have a matte packaging, but it's only 15 yuan per pack, which is super cheap, so it's a good gift for personal use!

Heiwo Coffee | Playing Card Coffee Kingdom Filter Coffee Gift Box
There is also a gift box which is quite exquisite. It is designed based on the concept of playing cards. The illustrations and packaging have won many international awards.

Cubes, spades, red hearts and plums represent the four different elements of wind, fire, water, and soil. Each bag of hanging ear coffee has its own characteristics. Even two joker cards are like getting a real poker card. The gift box is super hard, and you can drink 52 different flavors

These two gift boxes are very popular items in the store. Before the customers in the store left, everyone bought several boxes and went back.

Although I don’t have a deep research on coffee, I feel that you can drink freshly ground and hand brewed specialty coffee for less than 100 yuan, and even the beautiful latte is really good. There are also various kinds from all over the world. You can choose the flavor, and now there are more champion brown sugar black jade lattes at the Taichung Milk Festival. The lazy afternoon is very suitable for taking out a cheap and textured drink!

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