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Heiwo Coffee X 2020 ``Celebrity Charity Christmas Texas Contest''

Published date : 2020-12-21

The 2020 "Celebrity Charity Christmas Texas Tournament" co-sponsored by YouTube "Nine is Waste", "Mimosa Diary" and ACE8 International Poker Association The event attracted Wang Sijia, Lai Peiling (LuLu), Shengjie Stone, Shengsao Dudu, Zhang Xunjie, etc., and nearly 200 celebrities, YouTubers, singers, actors, Internet celebrities, etc. came to respond. Variety king Wu Zongxian also expressed his blessings through the video. Brother Xian said: Texas Hold'em is a world-class trend. Although he is not very good at playing, it is great to promote social welfare through this wit activity.

Mimosa-Cao Ye said: Actually, this event was initiated by Chen Lingjiu; because once played Texas Hold'em with Lingjiu, at that time, he would write a song for me if Lingjiu lost, and I lost. It is necessary to put Chen Lingjiu's "Nine is Waste" on the "Mimosa Diary" channel for one month. In the end, he lost, and I got zero nine free to write a song for me. Later, in order to defeat me, he finally had the idea to hold this charity event together. Cao Ye also said: I have been playing Texas Hold'em for about 5 years, and I bought a big deal table to put it at home in order to play cards. I think it is a very brain-burning competitive activity.

YouTuber Lai Peiling (LuLu) said: I have been cooperating a lot with Cao Ye recently. Last week, he had just shot a public service advertisement for the Red Heart Association with Cao Ye. Two days ago, Cao Ye’s press conference also went to the scene to give blessings. I was awarded an honorary lecturer certificate by Taipei Ocean Science and Technology University together, and I really have a lot of fate with Master Cao. Therefore, this time I will play the role of the mascot in the Caoye team. Although I don't know how to play, I will still use the spirit of full vitality to defeat the opponent together with love.

Chen Lingjiu said: "Celebrity Charity Christmas Texas Competition" is based on love as the starting point and caring for children. The donation will be donated to the Green Children Charity Foundation to help disadvantaged children, change their plight, and accompany many disadvantaged children from the negative Come out of the loop.

The organizers of the 2020 "Celebrity Charity Christmas Texas Contest" also thank PGTALK Taiwanese local communication software, Heiwo Coffee, Heiwo Bulletproof Coffee, Mao Maotang Taiwanese chicken breast, blue skirt tea, OVERTAKE beyond biotechnology, for responding to this event. .

Report officehttp://www.wownews.tw/newsdetail/motion/174047
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