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Combination of dedication and epidemic prevention Heiwo Epidemic Prevention Coffee Free with drink and shelter — Linked Video Network

Published date : 2020-03-13

Dajia Ma, known as the world’s three major religious events, has been postponed this year due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Heiwo coffee, which has been serving coffee to believers for four consecutive years, has changed to 20,000 copies this year. "It is free to share with the public. Not only can you drink good coffee at home, but you can also drink it and have shelter.

Recently, the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia has spread. The front-line anti-epidemic personnel are constantly monitoring the health of the people. Heiwo Coffee takes practical actions to dedicate coffee to fight the epidemic together. Starting from Taichung's local brand, it responds to the anti-epidemic action and realizes its social responsibility for public welfare. .

Lin Peini, the founder of Heiwo Coffee, said that in March every year for Dajiama, Heiwo Coffee has held the "Organizing a Boundary Bound for Coffee" event for four consecutive years, providing believers with 20,000 cups of hot coffee for free and serving coffee around the boundary. It has also become one of Heiwo's important annual events.

This year, Dajiama’s detour was postponed due to the epidemic, but Heiwo’s dedication has been uninterrupted. In particular, in conjunction with the epidemic prevention, he launched 20,000 packs of "drinks and sheltered coffee", which were shared with the public for free, and encouraged the public to share them in their own homes. Can drink good coffee and implement the government's anti-epidemic policy.

Lin Peini pointed out that Heiwo Anti-epidemic Coffee is based on the concepts of the gods and epidemic prevention measures. It cooperates with the three gods of Mazu, Jesus, and Ksitigarbha. They wear masks to protect your health and spray alcohol to protect your health. "Wash your hands frequently, "Wash your hands frequently for epidemic prevention" and other reminder slogans, let the gods and ambassadors incarnate to cheer for the epidemic and convey warmth without borders.

She said that the spirit of serving coffee this year will be extended to the whole of Taiwan. The first batch of 20,000 servings of anti-epidemic coffee will be provided. People only need to join the "Heiwo Have Drinking and Protected Anti-epidemic Coffee" Facebook group and fill in the Q&A to get to the nearest distance. One person can receive 3 copies at the Heiwo store, and the real-name registration system is adopted.

Registration time: from now to March 20, the collection period is from March 25 to 29. Lin Peini hopes that through the concept of drinking and sheltering, he can enjoy a good cup of coffee at home and protect the health of the people.
Reporting office:https://video.udn.com/news/1171627
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