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All Around World Coffee Gift Box

Rigorous selection of over 20 coffee producing regions in the world


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Total fixed value NT$970 – Retail purchase
【$35*6 Drip bags/$40*6 Drip bags/$60*3 Drip bags/$65*2 Drip bags/$70*3 Drip bags】
Suggested price : NT$ 970
Direct purchase price : NT$ 650
Purchase quantity
Requirement specification

This dynamic flavour will accompany you to travel the world. Whether the journey is long or short, let’s start now!


Total value of products (6 packages NT$35 / 6 packs of NT$40 / 3 packs of NT$60 / 2 packs of NT$65 / 3 packs of NT$70)

Ingredients: 100% fresh grinded Arabica

Content: 10 ±1g/pack, 20 packs/box

Net weight: 276g

Total weight: 510g

Place of production: Taiwan

Packing size: 24.5x15x12 cm

Storage: Store in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight

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